The comprehensive conference programme for the biennial IHMA Congress comes together after an extensive peer-review process and industry consultation to ensure that the strategies and solutions presented address the issues needed to meet future challenges and opportunities. Our thanks for the IHMA Papers Committee who work with authors and presenters over 18months to develop a stimulating and thought-provoking agenda!

The 10th IHMA Congress in Vancouver highlighted the theme ‘Port Expansion – The Challenges’. The 38 papers presented throughout the three days of discussion addressed the role of the Harbour Master, diversification, technological developments, social acceptance along with climate change and the environment. View and download the following sample of world-class papers presented at the 2016 IHMA Congress:

Brendan Keating

Examining the effect of large port infrastructure development on the business and operational structure of the port organisation and the role of the harbour master within this

Brendan Keating, CEO, Port of Cork, IRE

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Chris Wellstood

Chairman’s Welcome and presentation on – Creating opportunities for port growth: the dredging challenge

Chris Wellstood, Chairman, IHMA Congress 2016 & Director, Marine Operations & Security, Harbour Master, Port of Vancouver, CAN

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Determination of Vessel Traffic Capacity in Central London: A practical methodology

Mark Towens, Harbour Master Upper, Port of London Authority, UK
Spoken by Dr Ed Rogers, Director Operations, Marico Marine and Captain Bob Baker, Chief Harbour Master, Port of London Authority, UK

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John Finch

The amalgamation challenge – scale, distance, culture and operations

Captain John Finch, General Manager Operations, Pilbara Ports Authority, AUS

Jennifer Ogrodnick

Climate Change Considerations for Port Infrastructure

Jennifer Ogrodnick, Engineer, Baird & Associates, CAN

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The expanding role of VTS including the impact of e-Navigation

Francis Zachariae, Secretary General, IALA, FRA – Keynote Address

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Stephen Furness

Optimising Channel Capacity with Cooperative Passage Plan Exchange

Stephen Furness, Senior Business Development and Services Manager, SIGNALIS, GER

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olaf merk

Mega-ships, do the benefits outweigh the costs to the transport chain?

Olaf Merk, Administrator, Ports and Shipping, Organisation for Economic Co-Operations and Development/International Transport Forum (OECD/ITF)

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Port Expansion – The Challenges: Mitigating Risk Pilot Training System

Professor Barrie Lewarn, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, AUS

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Peter Behrendt

Collaborative Decision Making and the Port Common Operating Picture

Peter Behrendt, Managing Director, Saab Technologies, CAN

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2014 Papers


Virtual arrival from a commercial and contractual perspective

  • Introduction to organization
  • Legal and contractual considerations

Anna Wollin Ellevsen, Legal and Contractual Affairs Officer, BIMCO

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MSC Flaminia: Lessons from handling the aftermath of a casualty in a port

  • Operational challenges in handling damaged containers
  • Waste Legislation and General Average: How does this affect the port?

Capt Andreas Mai, Harbour Master, Ports of Bremerhaven and Bremen, Germany

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Port Resource Management: Bringing BRM into the port environment

  • Introduction to the principle of PRM (Port Resource Management)
  • Review of the initiatives introduced in Harwich, Melbourne and recently in Port of Portland
  • Impact on safety and efficiency

Capt David Shennan, Harbour Master, Port of Portland Australia

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Introducing new bunker fuels in ports: The port perspective

  • Compliance strategies for meeting MARPOL 2015
  • Policy for LNG bunkering
  • Pilot projects and case studies

Capt Johan Gahnström, Senior Project Manager & Business Development, SSPA, Sweden

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Managing Growth and Channel Risk – Port Hedland

  • Optimizing port accessibility via technical and management solutions

Capt John Finch, General Manager Operations – Harbour Master, Port Hedland Port Authority, Australia

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Gaining Access to London Gateway Port on the River Thames: The Harbourmaster’s Role

  • Context and setting – London Gateway Port is a major terminal within the Port of London Authority port limits; relationship between the two ports
  • The Harbour Master’s role in Risk Management – identifying the hazards, assessing the risks and establishing the risk control measures

Cmdr David Phillips MVO, Chief Harbour Master, Port of London Authority, United Kingdom

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Flemish LNG study: Risk assessment for the LNG supply chain

  • Risk and safety distances for the components of the LNG supply chain
  • Developments in LNG fuelling

Dirk Nous, LNG Projects Manager, Fluxys

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Innovation in mooring seagoing vessels

  • ShoreTension® Mooring System
  • Latest developments in shore moorings in ports in Australia, Brazil and Portugal

Gerrit Van Der Burg, ShoreTension

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Improving movement management using GIS technology: Modern tools for the Harbour Master

  • Demonstration of how the developing use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are contributing to ship movement safety both in port waters and offshore
  • Examples where the modelling of maritime risk and vessel traffic has enabled informed, targeted decision making to protect lives, vessels and the environment

John Riding, Managing Director, Marico Marine Group, New Zealand
Andrew Rawson, Marine Analyst, Marico Marine

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Current and emerging trends in Vessel Traffic Services

  • Reviewing the work of IALA’s VTS Committee
  • The increased public perception of VTS and its impact on Harbour Masters
  • Operational and training factors being addressed by IALA and IMO

Kevin Gregory, VTS Manager, Port of London Authority, United Kingdom & IHMA Representative, IALA VTS Committee

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Stephen-Furness (1)

Integrated tools for port planning

  • Review of the process of data exchange
  • Developing software in an international standard

Stephen Furness, Senior Business Development and Sales Manager, Signalis GmbH, Germany

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SafePilot: Increased safety during port operations

  • Update on PPU technology
  • Safety initiatives

Tommy Mikkelsen, Head of Development, Marimatech

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Developments in berth lay-out

  • Development of berth design versus ship design
  • Understanding the different components of the mooring system: mooring winch on board the vessel, mooring line, mooring bollard or quick release hook ashore
  • Design criteria for bollards and quick release hooks

Willem Hoebée, Manager Marine Side Planning, Division Harbourmaster, Port of Rotterdam Authority, The Netherlands

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