12th International Harbour Masters Congress
23-26 March 2020 | The Grand Chancellor, Hobart

The Next Wave – Navigating Towards the Digital Future

We are delighted to be hosting the 2020 IHMA Congress in the capital of Australia’s island state of Tasmania – Hobart.

As a destination of world-class maritime research, training and education, Tasmania’s rich maritime links continue to shape the future of port and marine operations. Technology and entrepreneurship have become emerging growth areas in Tasmania and it’s only fitting that the 2020 IHMA Congress reflects this journey of innovation and digitalisation.

With the theme, ‘The Next Wave – Navigating Towards the Digital Future’ the 2020 IHMA Congress is an unparalleled opportunity for maritime businesses to showcase their services and for port marine professionals from around the world to network, share their experiences and update their professional knowledge.

Global maritime freight transportation revenue is expected to grow from $166 billion last year to over $205 billion in 2023 and with spending in transportation and logistics on the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and smart systems projected to be over $130 billion in 2020, now is the time to identify how ports and port operations, including Harbour Masters, will navigate the digital future.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 12th IHMA Congress in Hobart, 23-26 March 2020.

What Was Discussed at IHMA Congress 2018

Planning & Infrastructure for Ports
A detailed overview of upcoming infrastructure projects and updates on the latest developments in port construction. We learnt about the benefits of automated mooring, new innovations for minimising risk in port operations and the implications of improved charting methods.

Port Operations
We found out about how to improve the safety and efficiency of modern port operations with discussions of the role of data governance, the challenges posed by autonomous vessels, cost effective methodologies for expanding port capacity and insights on maintaining standards in harbour towage.

New Topics for 2018
New topics for the 2018 IHMA Congress included the shipping industry perspectives on managing port of refuge scenarios, the future of IMO guidelines for Vessel Traffic Services, the relevance to harbour masters of entry into force of the BWM Convention, adapting to a changing climate, and the environmental impact of port operations with reference to air emissions.