Pre-Congress Registration

IHMA President’s Welcome

Welcome from the Chair

Keynote Address | The Future of Digitalization and Navigation

Official Exhibition Opening

Industry Forecast Panel | 2020-2025: What is impacting us right now?

VTS updates

  • Harbour Master Case Study
  • Future VTS – New international Guidelines and a digital world?
  • Transitioning to a Digital Era: VTS Capabilities and Competence
  • Integration on Operational Level in the VTS Control Centre
  • The Shift from Product to Services
  • Interactive Panel| Ask the experts


  • Harbour Master Case Study
  • Matthew Turner Tasman Bridge Navigation Risk Assessment
  • Managing Channel Risk in Collaboration with Port Users – Port Hedland Case Study
  • Port of Melbourne AtoN Asset Network: The new era in Digital Aids to Navigation Monitoring
  • Future Technology for Future Improvements
  • A Digital Nautical Chart for the Future
  • Interactive Panel| Ask the experts


  • International Standard for Bollard Pull Trials
  • Bollards – The Cinderella of Quayside Equipment


  • Harbour Master Case Study
  • The Future of Pilotage
  • Introduction of New Pilotage Technology
  • Interactive Panel| Ask the experts

Welcome Reception – MONA

IHMA Welcome

Industry Keynote

Industry Forecast Panel | 2025-2040: What is planning is needed to meet the demands of the next 20 years?

Infrastructure for digital ports

  • Harbour Master Case Study
  • Smart Port Strategy: Linking the Entire Port Ecosystem
  • Leveraging Digital Technologies for Growth at the World’s Largest Bulk Export Port
  • Cloud-Based “Local Port Services”
  • Step by Step Approach in Digitization
  • Data Transmission using ‘Smart Telemetry’
  • Interactive Panel| Ask the experts

Port management – New/more technology

  • Harbour Master Case Study
  • Modern Port Management Information Systems (PMIS)
  • Improving change management efficacy through Simulation
  • Initiatives to scale and open incident reporting in terminals
  • Future Australian Ports – Increasing safety and efficiency and making significant change in port operations
  • Interactive Panel| Ask the experts

Security and surveillance

  • A Harbour Master Perspective on Drones in Ports: The Business Case, Impacts, Risks and Opportunities
  • Utilising Drone Technology to Improve Port Operations, Security and Management
  • Safely Navigating Cybersecurity Risk: Digitisation and Automation of Port Operations
  • Interactive Panel| Ask the experts

Risk Management

  • Harbour Master Case Study
  • Port Operators’ Liabilities and Risk Management
  • Container shipping & pilotage: A race against time
  • The Future of Maritime Risk Management in Harbours
  • Interactive Panel| Ask the experts


Exhibition Networking Drinks

IHMA Welcome

Industry Keynote

Industry Forecast Panel | Beyond 2040: What does the future hold?

Young Maritime Professionals Pitching Competition

IHMA OGM hosted in the conference room

Skills and training

  • Harbour Master Case Study
  • Adapting Pilotage in the Digital Age
  • Training the Next Wave
  • From Social Media to Automation: A Business Case on Developing the Skills the Port of the Future
  • Panel | Women in Maritime

Environmental Sustainability and Green Shipping

  • Harbour Master Case Study
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Tug Innovation
  • The Tug of the Future: Safer and Greener
  • Use of Big Data and Simulations for Enhancing Safety and Efficiency of Cruise Ship Operations
  • Interactive Panel| Ask the experts

Launch of 2022 Congress – Welcome from Host Port

IHMA 2020 Gala Dinner and Awards

Technical Site Tour – Australian Maritime College, Launceston

Lunch at Josef Chromy Wines