The IHMA’s Virtual Networking Hall, known as The Mess is the perfect place to reconnect with industry colleagues, meet new clients, discuss new products and share learnings – one on one or in groups of up to six people.

All upcoming events (part of the ‘IHMA 360° – VIRTUAL GLOBAL COMMUNITY’ series) will be held in The Mess, giving you the opportunity to stay in touch with IHMA Members, industry peers and suppliers on a monthly basis through to September 2021.

Please note – to join these events, your browser will require access to your camera and microphone. The Mess will be open at least an hour prior to the start of each monthly event, so if you haven’t yet tested your camera and microphone in this environment, please take a very quick system check by clicking on this link

Optimal web browser’s for accessing The Mess are Chrome Version 77 or

higher, Firefox Version 76 or higher, or Safari.

Click on The Mess button within the main menu of the IHMA Congress 2020 Virtual Event Platform, to join each monthly event. You will randomly be placed on a table when first joining, but you are free to move around as you please, simply double click on any empty seat to join a table – it’s as easy as that!

If you need technical assistance when in The Mess, please click on the pink ‘Help’ icon (question mark) at the bottom left of the room.

The Mess will work on Desktops, Laptops and most Mobile Phones (beta). Tablets are not supported at this time.

Click HERE for further technical information/ FAQs.

The Mess is only accessible to IHMA Congress-registered speakers, delegates, sponsors/ exhibitors, or to anyone who registers for upcoming events.



You can also keep ‘connecting’ 1:1 with Congress attendees and members of the IHMA Global Community via the platform’s messaging and integrated video calling feature through to September 2021.

How to Connect?

  • Send a Connection Request
    Search for a contact in the ATTENDEE menu, open their profile and click ‘CONNECT’, and there’s the option to include a short message before sending. The recipient will receive a notification on their smartphone if they’ve downloaded the app, or you can check your messages via the desktop web app. Access the web app anytime from the home page.

After a Connection request is accepted, you will see the person’s details (email and phone if the connection has added to their profile) and you can chat via the private messaging feature (including images or links) or conduct 1:1 Video Calls/ Meetings – simply click on the camera icon within your chat to call.

  • Send a Meeting Request
    Timeslots will be available for meetings to be held on the day of each monthly IHMA catch up. Click on the person’s profile with whom you wish to meet and select an available meeting timeslot to suggest a meeting. If the person accepts, the meeting time will be saved to your ‘MY EVENT’ calendar. You will receive a notification before the meeting is due to start.

Click HERE for more information about connecting with attendees within the platform.